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About Us


Krystal Camacho


Krystal is a veteran of the cannabis industry. When she first started in 2013 she was making $10.00, working in a warehouse. During her experience, she learned to trim, take care of the plants, and every step in between to successfully produce flowery. In 2015, Krystal became a mom and stopped working to fulfill her duties as a mother. After some time, she realized she was ready to get back to work. She attended events like Status Sesh and Kushstock and used her skills and experience to network and quickly found new job opportunities. This led her to having two jobs and working towards bettering her position in the cannabis industry. She eventually became a trim manager at Emerald Peak in Northern California. She learned everything about the cannabis industry; from packaging to sales and then decided to go into business for herself. She now runs Efficient Support Services, LLC, in Adelanto, California which employs over 75 people. Her goal is to keep growing her business while providing jobs for those in her community. 

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